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Health Care Delivered To You

World-class preventive care to the place it’s needed most

Over 50% of employees at companies just like yours have significant health risks. Unfortunately, most of them have no personal physician. Finding a personal physician is either too complicated, too expensive or just too time consuming. So they choose to do nothing.

HealthyHere is a practical option to improve health care for employees and reduce costs. Designed for any number of employees, HealthyHere combines the ultimate convenience and medical care and delivers it to your office by our mobile medical clinic.

The fully-equipped HealthyHere van, staffed with a Nurse Practitioner and Advanced EMT ready to facilitate a world-class prevention visit, assessments and follow-up care, parks outside your office.

HealthyHere Defeats the Barriers of Care


It’s free to the employee, billed to their insurance carrier.


Mobile Clinic at your workplace and solely dedicated to you.


Physicals take 30 minutes and the follow-up appointment take 15 minutes.


The HealthyHere provider will do follow-up visits and answer any questions you may have.

At least two in four insured U.S. workers have a significant health risk (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, pre-diabetes and/or smoke) and are dis-engaged from the healthcare system.

HealthyHere is designed to be the on-campus worksite clinic for the companies concerned by the expense and management of operating their own clinic. HealthyHere requires no capital investment, is totally flexible with regard to time and place of service and is naturally shared with other employers. It is covered by the prevention benefit included in virtually all accredited health plans.


Our Model

Our model is based on two fundamental steps

The process begins with a prevention visit at no cost to the employee, involving biometrics and baseline lab followed by a thorough physical exam by a HealthyHere provider which includes an ultrasound of the carotid artery at no charge. Afterward, participants receive a detailed letter describing our findings.

Secondly, for patients prescribed a medication or otherwise identified as being at risk for a chronic disease, the HealthyHere team returns at intervals convenient for the employee and company to provide continuity of care. The goal is engagement, health risk management, and control of costs and healthcare claims.

The Process

Get in touch

Fill out an interest card or call (866) 443-HERE (4373) and we will book you an appointment.

Review your evaluation

The Nurse Practitioner will do a comprehensive physical and will send you a detailed letter explaining the results of your exam and, if needed, develop a personal care plan.

Managing your active health risks

Medication management (as needed). Sign up for our complimentary Chronic Disease Management Program with your own dedicated wellness coach!

* The physical takes 30 minutes from the moment you step on board with no waiting room, it’s dedicated to that individual. Do away with the annual health assessment, risk factor management, provider visits, treatment of common illnesses, health improvement programs, and additional testing.

Chronic Disease Management

HealthyHere offers six different Chronic Disease Management programs. Each program will include a dedicated wellness coach who will send you one email per week and text messages to track your progress and give you weekly tips. The wellness coach is available during the day by text or phone.

Lifestyle choices are the single largest contributor to the development of chronic disease. Use this 9-week introduction to weight management to examine the strengths and weaknesses of your lifestyle choices. How good is your grasp of nutrition? Can you design a healthy eating plan and control portions? Have you explored different strategies to become more physically active?


Pre-Diabetes Program

Our pre-diabetes class is a 16 week, free online class that helps prediabetic patients learn to make healthy, long-lasting lifestyle changes. The goal is to prevent as many at risk patients as possible from developing full blown diabetes. The class presents a different topic each week that build on themselves. Each topic has accompanying PowerPoints, videos, handouts, etc to really help patients understand the material and build their self-efficacy throughout the course. Since the course is offered online, it allows those patients that may not be able to attend in person classes a chance to learn lifestyle changes modeled after the CDC Diabetes Prevention Program from the comfort of their personal computer and/or phone. To make up for the lack of in person support, the course is designed with discussion boards to interact with their peers and also offers text and phone call support for patients that have specific questions or need suggestions. So far, the discussion boards are one of the most successful parts of the course! It really allows you to see the similar and differing barriers each of us to living a healthier lifestyle.


Health Care Delivered To You

world-class preventive care to the place it’s needed most

HealthyHere delivers world-class preventive care to the place it is needed most: close to your employees who find it too costly and inconvenient to complete conventional office visits. The physical presence of our mobile clinic is the ultimate engagement tool. All care is private, convenient and efficient.

Once you've decided to improve the effectiveness of your health care plan and reduce your company's cost through HealthyHere, we make it easy for you and your employees to participate.

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