Removing the Barriers to Good Health

In America this year alone:

795,000people will have a stroke
720,000will suffer a heart attack
480,000will die from smoking related causes
It is also a fact that over 40% of Americans will develop Type 2 diabetes in their lifetime. And 25% of those who currently have diabetes, don’t even know it.

Staying Healthy Is

Difficult – In today’s fast-paced society, with too many responsibilities and too little time. Expensive – With ever-increasing co-pays and skyrocketing deductibles. Confusing – With the plethora of fad diets, fitness gadgets, health supplements, wellness programs and new plans from fitness “gurus”.

The Process Is Easy

Step 1

Enroll in HealthyHere

Simply complete a short, online questionnaire

Step 2

Complete the Onboarding Process

We’ll collect baseline lab and biometric information in our mobile medical center. Also available, physician-developed risk reduction programs (at no charge).

Step 3

Review Your Health Status

One week later, our telemedicine provider will review your results with you and develop a personal care plan.

Step 4

Manage Your Active Health Risks

Medication management (as needed).
Regular monitoring of blood pressure, blood sugar and other vital health metrics by mobile clinic staff.

Our guidelines cover over 35 urgent care issues including colds, flus, poison ivy, asthma attacks and more.

Annual Health Assessment

Routine blood work (lipid panel, HgA1c, blood chemistry panel), blood pressure, BMI and weight.

Provider Visits (by Telemedicine)

Review the results of your assessment, discuss issues, and receive/manage medications via electronic prescriptions.

Health Improvement Programs

Physician-developed programs involving:
  • regular, email-based coaching
  • text-based monitoring
  • review and support by wellness professionals

Risk Factor Management

Regular follow-ups to assess and manage:
  • blood pressure
  • cholesterol
  • pre diabetes/diabetes
  • weight loss
  • smoking cessation

Treatment of Common Illnesses

Address over 35 common conditions ranging from pink eye and poison ivy to bladder infection and cold/flu.

Additional Testing

Including follow-up blood work, EKG, heart auscultation, spirometry, etc.