HealthyHere delivers world-class preventive care to the place it is needed most: close to your employees who find it too costly and inconvenient to complete conventional office visits. The physical presence of our mobile clinic is the ultimate engagement tool. All care is private, convenient and efficient.

Once you've decided to improve the effectiveness of your health care plan and reduce cost through HealthyHere, we make it easy for you and your employees to participate.


Step One:

Tailor a program to your employee’s needs

Choose hours and location(s) that fit your workforce

Step Two:

Encourage your employees to embrace prevention

With their personal provider, if available if not, with HealthyHere mobile Clinic

Step Three:

Watch health improvement in action

Each visit will be covered by the prevention benefit of your health plan

HealthyHere and its affiliate Lifesigns clinic have delivered prevention visits for more than 100,000 patients over several decades

Step Four:

The initial visit is only a beginning

Your employees will be offered free health improvement programs delivered by a combination of emails and text with coaching tailored to their personal circumstance

HealthyHere will offer no cost monitoring of blood pressure, blood sugar, and other issues selected by the patient

Low cost telemedicine will also be available for urgent and chronic care

Witness the impact of a mobile clinic and coordinated support services delivering meaningful preventive and primary care.

If You Get Sick:

Schedule acute care encounter either online or by phone to address new onset symptoms or illness