Health Care Delivered To You

The fully equipped HealthyHere van parks outside your office with a Nurse Practitioner and staff ready to facilitate a world-class prevention visit, assessments and follow-up care.

Because Healthy Here brings a clinic to your employees and makes it quick and easy to complete a health assessment and consult with a provider, your employees are much more likely to be engaged and take a more active role in their health.

Need help with weight loss?
Your personal wellness coordinator will give you follow up care on what you need most. We offer weight loss, diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, tobacco free and more programs that will help you feel better and live a longer, healthier life.

Over 50% of employees at companies just like yours have significant health risks.

Unfortunately most of them have no personal physician. It's either too complicated, too expensive or just too time consuming. So they choose to do nothing.

HealthyHere is a practical option to improve health care for your employees and reduce costs. Designed for any number of employees, HealthyHere combines the best aspects of telemedicine and on-site medical care and delivers it to your office via our mobile medical clinic.